Market Characteristics: Water blocking in the automotive market

Water-blocking solutions for automotive: Heat-shrink applications

In automotive wire harness feed-through locations, it is important to seal wire bundles against water and environmental factors like noise and vapors. While water ingress is an annoyance to vehicle passengers, it is potentially harmful for the operation of the vehicle itself.

Water blocking is crucial for vehicle lighting, equipment under the hood and in components such as external mirrors. Water blocking is critical in areas between wires in large bundles; water-blocking tape for cables prevents the capillary action of water from climbing the harness and entering the vehicle interior. Other than cable sealing, grommet sealing is a key application for water blocking, since small crevasses can lead water into sensitive areas.

Reliable water-blocking products are essential for the safe operation of many critical applications and components. Firewall doors are another example of where water blocking is required, since they need to be completely sealed to provide safety. DSG-Canusa’s durable water-blocking products provide confidence in high safety and high responsibility settings.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for water blocking

DSG-Canusa understands that sealing wire bundles against water and environmental factors is important to our customers. With over 50 years of experience, we have developed a group of products and techniques for water blocking to seal critical areas between bundles of wires. No matter the size of your bundle, we provide the tools, materials and know-how to completely seal your firewall, door, headlight, body harness and other equipment from water intrusion.

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