CJ LC Series

CJ LC series joints are single core, 15 kV to 35 kV heat shrink joints for XLPE and EPR extruded dielectric longitudinally corrugated, type LC cables. The joints are supplied with all of the hardware required to shield and externally ground the joint without soldering. Dual moisture blocked tinned copper braids with constant force springs make the connection of the LC shield across the joint and to ground. The wraparound jacketing sleeve allows for reduced installation space.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, consistent installation means lower installed costs
  • Installation environment: use of torch adds flexibility to cable preparation in any climate
  • Heat activated seal ensures maximum protection against moisture ingress
  • Custom tailored with options to your exacting needs
  • Lightweight construction requires no additional support
  • Wide cable ranges for reduced inventory requirements
  • Tough abrasion resistant outer covering protects against damage from improper backfill
  • Slim profile allows installation in confined areas


  • IEEE 404-2000

Test Reports

The CJ LC series joints were design tested to IEEE 404-2000 at an independent laboratory as single core unjacketed joints. This represents the worst case condition as the joints submerged under water were not afforded the added protection of the CJ LC series joints with jackets.

Test reports are available as follows:

  • CJ 1530LC series: HVS020080
  • CJ 2530LC series: HVS020081 and HVS 020083
  • CJ 3530LC series: HVS020082


  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution – MV
  • Utility

*Note: Joint tests to IEEE 404-2000 IEEE standards for Extruded and Laminated Dielectric Shielded Cable Joints Rated 2500 V to 500 000 Volt


  • Find the cables voltage class and conductor size(s) to be spliced. Select the kit order number that covers the conductor size range.
  • Confirm the dimensional data particularly when the conductor size is at the extremes of the range. The CJ LC series joints are longitudinally corrugated, type LC shielded cables. The overlaps in size range allow for size transitions when splicing different cable sizes. The determining factors for selection are that the minimum and maximum dimensions for the primary insulation and connector dimensions are met and that the jacket diameter maximum is not exceeded.
  • A cable preparation/cleaning kit can be included with the kit by adding the suffix to the end of the order number,e.g. CJ 3532LCP.
Order NumberConductor Size RangeInsulation O.D. RangeJacket O.D. (max)Connector DimensionsKit Installed Length (nom)
O.D. (max)Length (max)
15 kV (175 – 220 mils)
CJ 1531LC#4 – 3/0 AWG0.06 – 1.0515 – 231.25320.90234.2510828.0711
CJ 1532LC3/0 – 350 kcmil0.80 – 1.2520 – 321.50381.15295.5014032.0813
CJ 1533LC400 – 750 kcmil1.05 – 1.7527 – 441.85471.60418.0020335.0889
CJ 1534LC750 – 1000 kcmil1.30 – 1.8533 – 472.10531.85478.0020335.0889
25 – 28 kV (260 – 280 mils)
CJ 2531LC#1 – 250 kcmil0.80 – 1.2020 – 301.50381.50384.0010232.0813
CJ 2532LC4/0 – 500 kcmil1.05 – 1.6027 – 411.95501.95506.0015235.0889
CJ 2533LC600 – 1000 kcmil1.40 – 1.8536 – 472.40612.40618.0020345.01143
35 kV (345 mils)
CJ 3531LC1/0 – 250 kcmil0.95 – 1.3524 – 341.55391.00255.0012739.01000
CJ 3532LC4/0 – 600 kcmil1.30 – 1.7533 – 442.10531.50388.0020345.01143
CJ 3533LC600 – 1000 kcmil1.55 – 2.1539 – 552.80711.854710.0025448.01220