Adhesive lined, heat shrink wraparound sleeve that is closed with a flexible stainless-steel locking channel. Used for making in-line Y or H parallel splices on cable up to 1000 V without cutting the main or run cable.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides water tight seal upon recovery
  • Offers mechanical durability
  • Suitable for connecting Main and Tap runs to 500 kcmil size
  • Accommodates compression and split bolt connectors
  • High shrink ratio covers irregular shapes
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Application procedure is quick, simple and clean
  • Steel channel provides permanent closure system
  • Installation temperature range: -15°C to 50°C

Typical Applications

Cable tap splicing, general re-jacketing and sealing of electrical cables


  • Split bolts can only be used up to #2 AWG Main and Branch cable sizes


  • Transit
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment
  • Shipboard
  • OEM
  • Transit
  • Communication Power & Control
  • Power Distribution
  • Industrial Construction/Automation
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Power Distribution – LV
  • Industrial
  • Communications Cable Splice & Protection
  • Petrochem/Pulp & Paper
  • Utility
  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Mining


  • Select the cable run and tap combination and confirm that the connector dimensions are not exceeded.
  • Please specify the product name plus the options you require
  • Order Example: CRDW-CT1

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on non-standard sizes, combinations and material data sheet.

Order NumberMain (Run) Cable SizeBranch (Tap) Cable SizeConnector DimensionsSleeve Length
awg/kcmilawg/kcmil(Max) Din
CRDW-CT1#8 – #2#10 – #226
CRDW-CT2#2 – 4/0#10 – 4/048
CRDW-CT34/0 – 500#2 – 500610