CT Series

The CT series heat shrink cable terminations rated 5 kV through 35 kV are designed for single and three core, non- shielded, metal tape, drain wire shield, bare and jacketed concentric neutral and LC type shielded cables. The terminations use heat activated mastic seals that unequivocally bond to plastics and metal to provide excellent protection against moisture ingress. The electrical stresses at the semicon cutback point are controlled with the use of a proven, stress control tube and stress control sealant that provide a smooth, void-free interface and a redundant seal. CT series terminations are designed with a non-tracking outer insulating material that offers resistance to UV degradation and a self-cleaning outer surface that prevents build up of environmental contaminants to eliminate sources of tracking

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, consistent installation means lower installed costs
  • Installation environment: use of torch adds flexibility to cable preparation in any climate
  • Heat activated seal ensures maximum protection against moisture ingress
  • Custom tailored with options to your exacting needs
  • Lightweight construction requires no additional support
  • Wide cable ranges for reduced inventory requirements
  • Tough abrasion resistant non-tracking outer covering
  • Slim profile allows installation in confined switch gear cubicles


  • IEEE 48-1996, Class 1

Test Reports

The CT 080 series through CT 350 series terminations were tested to the requirements of IEEE 48-1996, Class 1 at an independent laboratory.

Test reports are available as follows:

  • CT 080 series: HVS020075
  • CT 150 series: HVS020076
  • CT 250 series: HVS020077 and HVS020083
  • CT 350 series: HVS020078

Product Line

  • CT 50N Series: 5 kV through 8 kV non-shielded extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) fixed power cable terminations.
    • Available as single core and three core configurations.
    • Standard Packaging:
      • CT 50N three, single core kits per box
      • CT 50N3 one, three core kit per box
  • CT LC Series: 15 kV through 35 KV, longitudinally corrugated shield (LC), extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) fixed power cable, indoor and outdoor terminations
    • Available as a single core kit packaged: one single core kit per box
    • Comes complete with solder less external grounding kit
    • Available with optional cable preparation/cleaning kit
  • CT UD Series: 15 kV through 35 kV, bare and jacketed concentric neutral, extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) under- ground distribution cable, indoor and outdoor terminations
    • Available as single core kit packaged one single core kit per box
    • Optional cable preparation/cleaning kit can be included
  • CT G Series: 5 kV through 35 kV, copper tape, drain wire, UniShield and lead sheath shielded, extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) cable terminations
    • Available in single core kits packaged three kits per box and as three core kits packaged as one, three core kit per box

Connectors are not supplied in the kits because of the different connector types (copper or aluminum), terminal type (pin or pad), type of pad ( 1 hole, 2 hole or 4 hole, etc.), and the hole size and spacing required for the pads. Ask you local DSG-Canusa stocking distributor to add connectors to your kits or consult the DSG-Canusa factory.

Test Data

Termination tests to IEEE 48-1996, Class 1 Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for Alternating Current Cable Terminations 2.5 kV through 765 kV


  • Transit
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment
  • Shipboard
  • Generation – Traditional Power
  • OEM
  • Transit
  • Communication Power & Control
  • Power Distribution
  • Industrial Construction/Automation
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Industrial
  • Generation – Renewables
  • Communications Cable Splice & Protection
  • Petrochem/Pulp & Paper
  • Power Distribution – MV
  • Utility
  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Marine
  • Generation – Renewables – Geo Thermal
  • Generation – Renewables – Solar
  • Aerospace Defense
  • Aerospace Defense
  • Mining

Note: Termination Tests to IEEE 48-1996 Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for Alternating Current Cable Terminations 2.5 kV through 765 kV