CTSB-2: Specially designed, rubber based, black sealant tape for use with heat shrink tubing
CTSG-1: Cross-linked, grey butyl tape suitable for continuous high temperature applications

Features and Benefits CTSB-2:

  • Excellent adhesion to PVC, PE and steel
  • Softens to fill voids
  • Remains flexible over time
  • Non-conductive
  • Superior waterproof seal when used with other DSG-Canusa products
  • Continuous operating temperature: -20°C to 88°C

Features and Benefits CTSG-1:

  • Protects sharp edges and smooths out transitions
  • Environmentally seals areas and tubing
  • Non-conductive
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Resistant to common fluids and solvents
  • High dielectric strength (310 V/mil)
  • Continuous operating temperature: -40°C to 107°C

Typical Applications

Insulating and sealing electrical connections, padding over irregular surfaces


  • OEM
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution – LV
  • Industrial
  • Utility


  • Select the appropriate tape sealant.
  • Please specify the product name plus the options you require
  • Example: CTSG-1

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on tape sealant and material data sheet.


Order NumberWidthThicknessRoll Length
CTSB-2 (Black)
CTSG-1 (Grey)