The DERAY®-ACIS is an extension to enable the entire system for 100% accuracy of the centered heat shrink sleeve positioning in accordance to the splice welding spot. For additional process safety the DERAY®-ACIS is able to monitor several parameters like, sleeve length and wire bundle diameter for additional quality inspection. Furthermore, the DERAY®-ACIS is ensuring maximal efficiency of cycle time due to its semi-continuous feeding where shrinking, cooling, and centering are processed simultaneously.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic positioning of the entire Splice towards the center spot to allow a more operator-friendly and efficient insertion process.
  • Sleeve length detection and measurement from 20mm up to 65mm.
  • Sleeve diameter detection and measurement from 6mm up to 20mm.
  • Lean centering design for processing shorter wire applications from 320mm.
  • Multipiece process flow to use shrinking, positioning, and cooling cycles parallel and synchronized.
  • Communication systems: RS232, TCP/IP, and OPC UA.
  • Upgrade quick and easy by plug & play for each DERAY®-SpliceMan 2.0.
  • Selection of system language: English, German, French, Spanish (others on demand).
  • CE and RoHs conformance.


Parallel splices, End splices


The DERAY®-ACIS is designed for an operator-friendly splice insertion process for mispositioning compensation. Once the splice is dropped into the conductor detection & positioning module it fixes and centers the heat shrink sleeve in accordance to the welding spot additionally the wire bundle grippers are measuring and fixing the splice configuration. Once the sleeve sliders positioned the tube towards the defined position, the entire splice is slid into the shrink chamber. To use the shrinking, cooling, and positioning time efficiently, the operator can introduce the next splice and launch the centering process, while the external cooling received the shrunken splice for semi-automated feeding. For occupational safety purposes, the entire process is launched after closing the device hood only.

Order information


Heat-shrink products & sizes:

  • DERAY®-Splicemelt size 1 to 3, length max. 65mm
  • DERAY®-UMS size 1 to 3, length max. 65mm
  • DERAY®-T Melt size 1 to 3, length max 65mm
  • Any DSG-Canusa DERAY®-products up to 15mm diameter & 65mm length

For other products and sizes contact DSG-Canusa Application Engineering.

Scope of delivery:

  • Operating manual: English, German, French, Spanish (others on demand)


  • Scanner
  • End Cap Holder
Electrical fuse protection at the owner16 A
Degree of protectionIP 20
Tube length range20 mm – 68 mm
Tube diameter range6 mm – 20 mm
Wire assembly length320 mm
Conductor detection range50 mm