DERAY®-ColdMelt I 105C

DERAY®-ColdMelt I is the ultimate water blocking system for automotive wire harness feed-through locations.

Features and Benefits

  • A specially designed heat shrink tube, mastic strip and shrink oven system that seals 100% of the time
  • Low temperature installation that reduces thermal stress and protects the cable insulation
  • Cables are embedded individually into the mastic strips forming a barrier against fluids and moisture penetration
  • Accommodates and seals harness bundles of up to 130 cables
  • On or off-line installation to accommodate production requirements
  • Grommet standardization
  • Good adhesion on PVC, XLPE and PP-EPDM cable insulation
  • Reduces total installed cost by eliminating drip loops
  • Provides design flexibility that reduces wire harness installation time
  • System available in three different temperature ranges: -40°C to 105°C


  • Approved to major OEM water blocking specifications

Typical Applications

Water/moisture ingress elimination

DERAY®-CS Heat Shrink Tube

DERAY®-ColdMelt Butylstrip


  • Automotive


  • Select options:
    • Color: Black (BK)
    • Packaging: Cut pieces
  • Please specify the product name, order number and options you require
  • Order example: DERAY®-CS 10-3.5 black, DERAY®-ColdMelt 105°C, 19.0, 1.5 black, 50 mm cut length in cardboard

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom colors, sizes, lengths and material data sheet.


DERAY®-ColdMelt I system consists of two components:

  • DERAY®-CS – low shrink temperature heat shrink tube to cover the ColdMelt strips to maintain a tight-cylindrical bundle.
  • DERAY®-ColdMelt strips – mastic adhesive strips used to embed all wires forming a water blocking barrier.

The DERAY®-WorkMan is used to shrink the tubing and form the water blocking bundle (up to 20 wires) – ColdMelt Lite.
The DERAY®-SealMan is used to shrink the tubing and form the water blocking bundle (> 20 wires).
For detailed installation instructions refer to DSG-Canusa manual instruction VSPZ061.

Product Properties

Dimensions of DERAY®-CS heat-shrink tube

Order NumberExpandedRecoveredDelivery Units
Internal Diameter
(Min) D
Internal Diameter
(Max) d
Total Wall Thickness
(Nom) W
Cut Pieces
mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)
2510100951C10.0 (0.394)3.5 (0.138)1.00 (0.039)50 (1.969)
2510170951B17.0 (0.669)5.0 (0.197)1.20 (0.047)50 (1.969)
2510220951A22.0 (0.866)7.5 (0.295)2.50 (0.098)50 (1.969)
2510300951A30.0 (1.181)9.0 (0.354)2.00 (0.079)50 (1.969)
2510350951D35.0 (1.378)13.0 (0.512)1.90 (0.075)62 (2.441)
2510420951B42.0 (1.654)15.0 (0.591)2.50 (0.098)62 (2.441)
2510500952A50.0 (1.969)15.0 (0.591)2.50 (0.098)62 (2.441)
2510620955A62.0 (2.441)25.4 (1.000)2.40 (0.094)62 (2.441)

Dimensions of DERAY®-ColdMelt Butylstrip – Cut lengths on cardboard

WidthThicknessLengthDelivery Units
mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)Pieces
19.0 (0.748)1.5 (0.059)25 to 110 (0.984-4.330)based on length