The DERAY®-SpliceMeltband system seals and environmentally protects connectors and cable bundles.

Features and Benefits

  • A specially designed mastic lined adhesive tape sealing system that provides longitudinal water sealing for cable bundles, plug connectors and splices
  • Cables are embedded individually into the adhesive tape to ensure 100% sealing
  • Good chemical and fuel resistance
  • Good adhesion to PVC, XLPE and PP-EPDM wire insulating materials


  • Approved to OEM longitudinal water blocking specifications

Typical Applications

Water/moisture ingress elimination, abrasion protection and strain relief, noise dampening and reduction


  • Dual Wall
  • Splice Sealing Solutions
  • Automotive
  • Waterblocking


  • Select Option:
    • Length: Standard spool length or cut pieces on request
  • Please specify the product name, order number and options you require
  • Order Example: DERAY®-SpliceMeltband, 6210001007, 10-1.5, 500 m reel

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom colors, sizes, lengths and material data sheet.


The DERAY®-SpliceMeltband system consists of two primary components:

  • DERAY®-SpliceMeltband mastic adhesive strips, used to seal all of the individual elements of the cable bundle.
  • DERAY®-SpliceMelt heat shrink tubing is cross-linked polyolefin tubing that is used to cover and encapsulate the entire installation.

DERAY®-WorkMan or DERAY®-DockMan shrink ovens are recommended for repeatable application.

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