Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing specifically designed to insulate, seal and protect splices and ring terminals in automotive wire harnesses.

Features and Benefits

  • High shrink ratio to fit varying splice configurations
  • Seals and protects against water, moisture, and chemicals
  • Adhesive bonds readily to PVC, XLPE, and PP-EPDM cable jackets
  • Quick installation
  • Shrink ratio: 4:1
  • Continuous operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Shrink temperature: 120°C min.


  • Ford ESLU5T-1A263-AA (CCC41A)
  • LV312-3

Typical Applications

Environmental sealing of in-line splices, Sealing and strain relief of connectors and ring terminals, Abrasion protection and electrical insulation of automotive wiring harness splices


  • Automotive
  • Industrial


Select a dimension which will shrink snugly over the application to be covered. If recovery is restricted the resultant wall thickness will be less than specified.

  • Select options:
    • Color: Black (BK), Transparent (CL)

Please specify the product name, order number and options you require:

  • Example: DERAY®-UMS, size 3, 65 mm, black

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom colors, sizes, lengths and material data sheet.

Order NumberExpandedRecoveredDelivery units
Internal Diameter (Min) DInternal Diameter (Max) dTotal Wall Thickness (Nom) WLengths
mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)mm (in)
16.0 (0.236)1.2 (0.047)1.35 (0.053)50 (1.97)
28.0 (0.315)1.6 (0.063)1.75 (0.069)50 (1.97)
312.0 (0.472)2.5 (0.098)2.35 (0.093)65 (2.56)
418.0 (0.709)4.5 (0.177)2.65 (0.104)75 (2.955)