DERAY®-VaDi 2.0

The DERAY®-Vacuum-Leakage Tester is a testing device to proof wires and cables sealed with adhesive lined heat shrink tubes against a predefined leak rate. The DERAY®-Vacuum-Leakage Tester has an extendable amount of testing adapters. Wire cross sections between 10 mm² and 80 mm² can be tested and evaluated against a predefined leak rate. The testing device works on the principal of Δ p (leakage testing method) Din EN 1779 – without the necessity of an additional medium.

Features and Benefits

  • Cable cross sections testable from 10 mm² to 80 mm²
  • Quick and easy testing without the need of water or an additional medium
  • 100% testing without process interruption because of minimal handling effort
  • Determination of the leak rate up to 10-³ mbar l/s
  • Quick change of testing adapters to accommodate individual needs
  • Connection to label printer to mark wires with test result
  • RFID tagged slots to ensure correct used tooling
  • Optionally tooling “The Bell” to quick test from terminal side
  • Selection of system language: English, German, French, Spanish (others on demand)
  • CE and RoHs conformance

5 independently usable test stations

Test of 10 – 80 mm2 Cable cross section

Quick test by “the Bell”

RFID tagged slots to ensure 100% traceability

Electrical wires and cables connected with terminals


The DERAY®-Vadi 2.0 examines the compliance of a predefined leak rate. The cable that needs to be tested is inserted into one of the adapters and the vacuum is applied. The DERAY®-Vadi 2.0 applies to leakage testing method Din EN 1779. No additional testing medium is necessary, as the testing device works with ambient air. No visual or subjective evaluation is necessary. If the defined leakage rate is not met, the leakage tester will indicate the tested cable as scrap. After the end of the process, the cable can be removed from the adapter.

Order Information

DERAY®-VaDi 2.0

Heat-shrink products & sizes:
DSG-Canusa heat-shrink tubes

For other products and sizes, contact DSG-Canusa Application Engineering.

Scope of Delivery:
DERAY® -VaDi 2.0
Operating manual: English, German, French, Spanish (others on demand)


  • Scanner
  • “The Bell” terminal testing mould
  • Blind plugs
  • Test leaks
  • Test slots

Technical data

Electrical connection1/N/PE AC 230 V 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumptionapprox. 0.12 kW
Rated current1 A
Electrical fuse protection at the owner16 A
Degree of protectionIP 40
Pneumatic connection5 – 10 bar (72.5 – 145 psi)
Pneumatic work pressure5.5 bar (79.8 psi)
Ambient temperature10 °C – 45 °C (50 °F – 113 °F)
Sound pressure levelapprox. 70 dB(A)