Zero halogen & low smoke heat shrink tubing. The product complies with the stringent requirements of the European rail norm EN45545-2 and the ´HL3´ R22/R23 classification and even over exceeds those.

The material is suitable for use in all classes required for the construction of locomotives and rolling stock. It is also suitable for use in underground environments as well as marine, military and aerospace applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Low smoke generation – excellent fire safety characteristics
  • Emissions of toxic fumes are well below the levels required to meet the relevant standards
  • Flexible
  • Flame retardant
  • Good fluid resistance
  • Soft surface finish supports good printability
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Continuous operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Shrink temperature: 120°C min.


  • EN45545-2 HL3 R22/R23
  • Meets LUL E 1042 A6
  • BS 6853 vehicle category 1a
  • DIN 5510
  • EN 50343*
  • SAE AS81531 4.6.2*
  • MIL-STD-202G Method 215*
  • NFPA 130

*Hardware used “XD Q” printer from CAB and “RBZ11DR” ribbon from DSG-Canusa.

Typical Applications

Cable identification


  • Transit
  • Single Wall
  • Transit
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Aerospace Defense
  • Aerospace Defense


Select a dimension which will shrink snugly over the component to be covered. If recovery is restricted the resultant wall thickness will be less than specified.

  • Select options:
    • Color: Yellow (YL), White (WT)
    • Printing: Printed or Unprinted
    • Length: Continuous reels
  • Example: DERAY®-ZHF125 2.4, WT, printed, 135m spool

Order NumberExpandedRecoveredDelivery Units
Internal Diameter
(min) D
Internal Diameter
(max) d
Total Wall Thickness
(nom) W
ZHF125 2.42.43/321.23/640.510.020100328
ZHF125 3.23.21/81.61/160.510.020100328
ZHF125 4.84.83/162.43/320.510.02075246
ZHF125 6.46.41/43.21/80.640.02575246
ZHF125 9.59.53/84.83/160.640.02575246
ZHF125 12.712.71/26.41/40.640.02550164
ZHF125 19.019.03/49.53/80.760.0303098
ZHF125 25.425.4112.71/20.890.0353098
ZHF125 38.038.111/219.03/41.020.0403098

Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom colors, sizes, lengths and material data sheet.