Signal Kits

CSK-B signal kits are particularly suitable for connecting screened signal cables in industry, rail and mass transit. Three kits cover the complete size range so reducing inventory but we can customize any of the kits for specific projects.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Exceptionally good electrical insulation
  • Good mechanical load-bearing ability
  • No maintenance time necessary
  • Usable immediately
  • Include components for continuing electrical earth and shield
  • Various connection options
    • Crimpseal II
    • Dual wall heat shrink tubing with crimp connector


  • SNCF Standard

Typical Applications

    CFW – high shrink ratio tubing with and high performance adhesive gives excellent mechanical and environmental protection, braid – tinned copper non-corroding for continuation of screen, roll spring – gives good mechanical and electrical contact with no insulation damage, CSAT – mastic designed to perform even during flexing and vibration, DERAY®-I 3000 – heat shrink tubing to replace inner insulation layer and continue waterproof seal


    • Transit
    • OEM
    • Transit
    • Industrial


    Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on custom colors, sizes, lengths and material data sheet.

Kit NameCable Range (No. of Pairs)
CSKB-14 – 7
CSKB-210 – 22
CSKB-328 – 32