Market Characteristics: Identification sleeves for railway

Railway and mobility: Identification sleeves in switch gear cabinet

Following decreased demand at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for green and affordable transportation is now higher than ever. The railway market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of over 4% until 2030. Electronic components and wires in railway applications is continuously growing as railroad networks are expanded and old infrastructure is upgraded. 

Public transportation has special safety standards and requirements regarding fire retardancy, low smoke and toxic fume generation. Additionally, for ease of maintenance, the railway market demands clear identification of every wire, leading to an optimized maintenance process. Electrical applications call for superior insulation and long-term cable identification sleeves while providing a minimal risk of fire. 

Benefits of DSG-Canusa sleeves for identification

DSG-Canusa provides reliable and durable identification sleeves for railway applications to ensure easy identification of all wires and cables over time. The smooth surface and specially developed material of our cable identification sleeves ensures that, even after years of use in challenging environments, the print remains intact and readable. Our identification sleeves can be either expanded or shrunk for organization and permanent marking of wire harnesses.

Our tailored products meet the various specialized demands required by differing application areas. Our zero-halogen identification sleeves are a perfect fit for mass transit applications; due to their low smoke generation, they ensure passengers’ safe evacuation in case of emergency. Our halogen free cable identification sleeves comply with stringent European rail requirements and exceed the related fire safety and hose standards EN45545-2 and HL3 R22/.

Printability and durability are tested to comply with our own high standards, as well as these additional standards: LUL E 1042 A6, DIN 5510 and EN 50343.

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