Market characteristics: power and signals for railway

Power and signals for railway and mobility

Critical infrastructure in railway applications, including train signal lights, train power, railway signals, electric train engines, railroad crossing lights and railway line power all need to function error free to ensure passenger safety. With increasing traffic density, the number of traffic lights in many locations is growing rapidly, increasing the demand for power and signal protection solutions.

Some of the challenges for the power and signal market in industry, rail and mass transit are the safe distribution of power, reliable transportation of signals, screened signal cables connections and cathodic protection (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection [ICCP]) – so equipment is protected from corrosion and environmental factors.

Other modern traffic markets, many with smaller but still complex technologies, also require innovative solutions for power and signal reliability.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa’s power and signal solutions products

DSG-Canusa provides reliable and enduring solutions for thousands of applications in need of power and signal heat-shrink products. To protect your application against corrosion, and for cathodic protection (ICCP), we offer a tight fitting, heat-shrinkable anode cap, providing stress relief, moisture proofing and electrical insulation at the lead wire point. It is the ideal solution to prevent premature system failure.

Our products have been specially designed for power and signal applications, with adhesive to adhere to anode materials and wire installations. Highly stabilized polyolefin material ensures watertight encapsulation while providing flexibility. Crucial for critical infrastructure in the power and signal market, our products are reliable even after years of operation in demanding conditions.

Our custom engineering department can develop individualized solutions for your specific applications and needs. We tailor products to the demands of each application. DSG-Canusa strives to be a strong partner, with innovative and progressive power and signal solutions.

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