Market Characteristics: Power distribution – low and medium voltage

Heat-shrink products for medium voltage infrastructure

Electrical utilities and power distribution systems are critically dependent on reliable equipment to deliver uninterrupted electric power distribution. Many applications are vulnerable, including insulation, protection, strain relief and sealing of multi-core cables or in-line splices for bus bars, cable jacket repair, rain sheds used as creepage extenders on medium-voltage cable termination and insulators, heat-shrinkable cable joints, and more.  

Trackside infrastructure and railway proper power distribution is a necessity with no room for error. Everything has to work perfectly together – from the catenary line to the tram itself. Components need to be protected from corrosion, for example by cathodic protection (ICCP), for smooth operation of power distribution. In addition to delivering a flawless performance under harsh environmental conditions, our solutions for power generation and distribution and voltage distribution are easy to install and cost effective.  

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for low- and medium-voltage power distribution

DSG-Canusa’s power distribution products are engineered with well-proven polyolefin materials that include a comprehensive line of high-performance cable accessories. These accessories are designed for insulation and connection of low- and medium-voltage cables, electrical equipment and retrofit applications. Our solutions provide superior performance, reliability, ease of installation and lower installation costs. In addition to customizable heat-shrink solutions for protection, sealing, insulation and identification, we offer sets that include all necessary products for your power distribution application, designed to make the whole installation process easy.

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