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Sensoring protection for automotive: Product application

The automotive wiring harness, to connect the electrical parts of a vehicle to each other to make the vehicle work, is an essential component. Among the challenges for automotive protection for the critical automotive wiring harness are exposure to harsh conditions, overheating, abrasion, fluids and mechanical stress, while retaining low smoke and non-toxic characteristics.

Wire identification and fire retardancy are also important. While applications must be protected to maintain a long service life, the clear marking of wires in an automotive wiring harness allows for easy maintenance. Identification products for automotive wiring harnesses must be durable and long lasting in addition to meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) safety standards.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for sealing protection and identification

With over 50 years of experience, DSG-Canusa is an expert for shrink tubing products that protect, seal, insulate and provide for wire identification. We have created a broad portfolio of products designed specifically for the automotive market. In the automotive protection area, our products for automotive wiring harnesses include low-smoke zero halogen heat-shrink tubing (LSZH heat shrink) and NFPA certified heat-shrink tubing.

Our automotive wiring harness products are highly abrasion resistant, protecting your application from mechanical stress. Other long-lasting products seal your applications against all types of fluids and other environmental factors.

For easy maintenance of automotive wiring harnesses, we offer highly reliable, printable heat-shrink tubing as well as transparent tubing products. Our innovative team can develop and customize products to your specific needs, combining years of know-how with cutting-edge technology. Please contact us – we specialize in working together to find solutions for every project.

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