Woman working in a nuclear facility where heat-shrink products are in use

Market Characteristics: Nuclear market​

Global demand for power generation is driving the expansion of nuclear power plants worldwide, especially in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Reliability is crucial to ensure the safety of power plants. The requirements for heat shrinkable tubing are particularly high in the nuclear sector. Products must withstand extreme conditions including the high radiation levels and high temperatures that occur in nuclear power plants.

Materials such as fire retardant, thick walled, crosslinked polyolefins can meet the requirements of the nuclear market. Heat-shrink nuclear products are used to insulate and protect connections in power generators and power plants. These applications include signal cables, signal wires, control cables, micro-reactors, ground sensors, low-voltage (LV) cables and more.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa nuclear products

High safety standards are a particularly important component in the nuclear area. Heat-shrink tubing used in the nuclear sector must provide strain relief, sealing and insulation for LV cables.

DSG-Canusa’s heat shrinkable tubing FCFW-N and CCB-N are both certified for numerous standards including LOCA, IEEE 383, NF M 64-001. They comply with the safety criteria for nuclear products and are ideal for nuclear power plant use.

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