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Heat-shrink tubing for fiber optic cable protection

The demand for fiber optic cables is continuously increasing, especially in the Asia Pacific region. In today’s world, a fast and reliable internet connection is essential in both public and private spaces. Fiber optic cables make this possible: they offer high data speeds and can ensure that an upgraded or new system will keep up with the network demands of the future.

To ensure that the fiber optic lines remain reliable to provide a stable network over time, fiber optic cables must be physically protected. Although today’s technology results in fiber optic cables that are less vulnerable than they were years ago, they are still made of glass so fiber optic cable protection remains essential.

Fiber optic cables are often installed outdoors and are designed for common environmental conditions such as sunlight and moderate rain. However, more intense conditions such as extreme heat, cold, lightning, or other severe environmental conditions, as well as wildlife damaging the cables and wires, require special fiber optic cable protection.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa fiber optic cable protection products

Fiber optic heat-shrink sleeves provide the best fiber optic cable protection. With more than 50 years of experience with insulation and sealing products, DSG-Canusa offers a wide variety of heat-shrink products for the fiber optic cable protection used in communication networks. Examples include fiber optic cabling, network construction, last-mile and middle-mile applications, enterprise networks, connectors, 5G and more.

Our fiber optic heat-shrink tubing protects splice joints when two fibers are fused together, enhancing the fiber cable durability. 

Our fiber optic heat-shrink sleeves are made of high-quality materials such as PEEK, PFA, FEP, PTFE, polyethelene and polyolefin, providing superior protection from fluids and moisture, as well as abrasion and other mechanical wear, to secure your investment.

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