Market Characteristics: Low-voltage tubing for protection in electrical and utilities

Marker sleeves for low voltage switch gear cabinets

Using low-voltage electrical applications can improve safety and save costs. Low voltage ranges from 50 V to 1000 V; circuits are comparatively harmless but can still result in burns or electric shock if not insulated properly. One reason that renewable power sources provide low direct current is because usage of low-voltage power can improve efficiency. In addition, they generate less heat than other power systems, which reduces the need for cooling. Low-voltage wires can be installed much more safely and easily than other wires.

In the aftermath of power outages or in case of surges, systems and applications must still function. Surges in voltages can occur when large power-hungry appliances, such as refrigerators or air conditioners, are suddenly disconnected from the main breaker panel. This can cause other electrical devices to receive too much current and be damaged in the process.

Low voltage is ideal for applications that need to work reliably and be safe for the personnel maintaining them. In the electrical and utility industries, including facilities which use automation, applications such as joints, transition joints, junction boxes, bus bars, sealing applications and others, need to withstand low-voltage power. Low voltage is also used in lighting and smart systems, closed-circuit TV, fire alarm systems, sensors and access controls, batteries and more.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa low-voltage tubing products

When low-voltage applications need to be insulated and protected, our DSG-Canusa low-voltage tubing products make the job easy. Connections with vulnerable parts, such as wire splices must be protected with heat-shrink tubes. To protect pot end joints our pot end kits are an ideal solution. We also offer low-voltage tubing for applications, such as terminations, transition joints, bus bars, phase legs of power cables and more.

Our low-voltage tubing and cap products are made of highly resistant and robust materials, adding to their security capabilities. DSG-Canusa’s R&D experts are continuously innovating and developing improved heat-shrink tubing products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

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