Market Characteristics: E-mobility in the automotive market

Automotive E-Mobility market: Heat-shrink products for car engines

E-mobility is becoming more important than ever, with rising environmental consciousness and many initiatives toward electric vehicles (EVs) and away from internal combustion engines. EVs such as e-cars, electric buses or trucks are more frequently being used for municipal services, public transportation, postal services and warehouses to name just a few. EVs have an increasing share of the market; demand is projected to grow, leading to a robust e-mobility market.

While modern technology in EVs offer an ever-improving driving experience, the vehicles come with great complexity in the engineering process and challenges with the charging infrastructure. The e-mobility market requires specific expertise and innovative solutions for high system connectivity. High-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) safety standards need to be met as well as special hydrogen vehicle standards (HGV).

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for E-Mobility

Our product portfolio is growing fast to serve the evolving needs of our customers in the automotive e-mobility market. Our global sales and application engineering teams work closely with our automotive customers in the e-mobility market to address the new challenges. Working with light-weight materials, new power distribution systems and autonomous driving systems in the e-mobility market, we can quickly bring value to our customers. With our broad heat-shrink tubing and water-blocking solutions product lines and our commitment to innovation and solutions in-house and on the factory floor, we can offer options for every project. 

DSG-Canusa’s e-mobility heat-shrink tubing protects, seals and insulates applications that are essential to the operation of wallboxes, charging-stations and fleet management. E-mobility heat shrink tubing products for the e-mobility market include contact protection for HV cables, terminals and insulation of various cable types, sensor encapsulation, as well as protection for high voltage applications. 

We can customize marker sleeves to aid in wire harness. Our e-mobility heat-shrink tubing is available in a paint color similar to RAL2003. 

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