Market Characteristics: Heat-shrink tubing and sealing products for communications

DSG-Canusa heat-shrink tubing and sealing product variations

High investment costs and other factors for telecommunication companies have resulted in stagnant communications market growth despite its high potential. There continues to be a steady increase in data usage and a growing global demand for ultra-high-speed broadband. Many 5G projects will also be developed and implemented worldwide in industrial sectors. Telecommunications companies can achieve massive reductions in their carbon footprints and energy costs by implementing efficiency programs.

Communication is an indispensable part of our global, networked lives; protecting networking capabilities is essential. Markets such as telecommunication and cable TV and streaming services need durable application protection to remain reliable and save costs. Products in this sector need maximum electrical and mechanical sealing against environmental and other influences, such as cavity-free sealing of cable breakouts.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa’s heat-shrink tubing and sealing products for communication applications

Heat-shrink tubes with internal adhesive coating ensure a tight fit and ideal protection of the application. Important communication equipment, such as break-out boots, splice boxes, cable entries and heat-shrink junction boxes need to be protected with heat-shrink tubing and sealing products. Our products are made of high-quality materials, such as Polyolefin and PTFE, preventing water penetration and mechanical damage to connectors, cables, splices and equipment. Industry leading DSG-Canusa’s secure and cost-efficient heat-shrink tubing will protect your communication systems and applications, resulting in a high level of reliability. Also, we are industry leader for CATV applications with our CFTV products.

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