Production innovation through 50 years of experience: innovative design and custom solutions

DSG-Canusa has the expertise and technology to create unique customer solutions – from concept to commercial reality. More than just a manufacturer of heat-shrink products, over the past 50 years we have worked side by side with our customers to incorporate new materials, challenging designs, and innovation applications of our products, both in the field and on the factory floor. Throughout our history, we have evolved our capabilities to incorporate emerging fields and applications into our products using innovative machine solutions, technical innovation and product technology to meet changing needs. 

Behind the scenes, many teams enable DSG-Canusa’s success. At the forefront, our sales and marketing teams bring forward production innovations by working closely with our customers on new projects, programs, and technologies. 

Then, our expert teams focused on machine development, applications engineering and product engineering, along with our outstanding research and development team, ensure timely solutions to even the most challenging applications.

Our R & D team is comprised of diverse professionals – from electrical engineering to materials science. They drive our technical innovation and manufacturing innovation and also specialize in automotive research and development. The team has the skills and experience to design and execute technology, developing responsive customer solutions and production innovation, from concept to commercial reality.

Key pillars of our innovation culture and capabilities include:

Heat-shrink machines tested in our innovative laboratories

State-of-the-Art laboratories at each location

Laboratories and test facilities for our heat-shrink products are situated in each of our global locations, benefitting from collaboration and production innovation of the highest quality. Our test facilities incorporate a range of core equipment for concept and pilot development. These include compounding and lab extruders, complemented by a wide variety of analytical equipment, ranging from standard mechanical testing to thermal analytical tools such as DSC and DMA equipment. Specialized labs for simulation, environmental and electrical testing are available to support solution development needs.

DSG-Canusa’s R&D team

We have assembled a highly knowledgeable research and development team at our Rheinbach site. Experts in the fields of polymers and adhesives, they have access to a variety of materials for trials with specialized test equipment. Their focus on production innovation, manufacturing innovation, technical innovation and innovative machine solutions increases our capability to successfully take on challenging projects.

DSG-Canusa's laboratories are well equipped with modern machines
Our heat-shrink tubes are made of high quality materials

Materials Capability

The ability to innovate and provide solutions to our customers stems from our strength in converting customer requirements into material technologies and customized solutions. Critical to this is a strong foundation in polymer materials technologies and a detailed understanding of structure-property relationships.

The following is a list of key material technologies with which we routinely work:

  • Polyolefin 
  • Polyester 
  • PVC 
  • Polyamide 
  • EVA 
  • PVDF 
  • Fluoro-Elastomers 
  • Silicon-Elastomer and Gums 
  • EPDM 
  • Butyl-Elastomers 
  • Thermochromatic Coatings 
  • Polymer Graft Systems 

Equipment Capability

DSG manufacturing utilizes equipment from world-class suppliers as well as custom built equipment and designs built in our own Machine Technology Center (MTC) for our work in production innovation. Extrusion equipment and our irradiation and chemical cross-linking processes are both used in our heat-shrink manufacturing plants. Beyond this, our heat-shrink manufacturing has specialized equipment for expanding tubing and is capable of making heat-shrink products with expanded inner diameters from 3/64″ (1.2mm) to 9″ (229mm) and up to a 6:1 shrink ratio.

Heat-shrink tubes pre heat-shrink process
Heat-shrink machine by DSG-Canusa

In-house Machine Design

The DSG-Canusa Machine Technology Center (MTC) at our Rheinbach facility designs and builds our proprietary heat shrink expanders, automated material handlers for packaging and specialized products, and our  DERAY® heat shrink machines. When developing new products, this team can step in to modify or develop new equipment and processes for meeting the requirements with new product technology and technical innovation.