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Market Characteristics: Cold-shrink tubes and cold-shrink tape products for electrical and utility

In areas such as the electrical and utility markets, as well as telecommunication and industrial sectors, difficult installation conditions, such as confined or even hazardous spaces, may require different solutions to protect applications. In such settings, the use of cold-shrink tubes and cold-shrink tape is an alternative to heat-shrink tubing. Because cold-shrink products can be installed more quickly and easily, without special heating tools, the installation of cold-shrink products is safer for the user.

Cold-shrink products quickly, easily and reliably protect connecting parts, wires, joints and terminals in electrical work against moisture, UV, extreme temperatures and abrasion, using durable materials. In most applications, initial installation takes only a few minutes. Cold-shrink products also make for quick and easy maintenance and repair of wires and bundle wires.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa cold-shrink tubes and cold-shrink tape

Cold-shrink products offered by DSG-Canusa provide excellent moisture-proof sealing for in-line connections and elbow-to-jacket applications in settings where the use of heat is not optimal. Cold-shrink tubes are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and direct-bury applications. Cold-shrink products range from self-fusing insulating tapes, that are excellent for waterproofing, sealing and protecting of electrical applications, to arc and fire-proofing tapes utilized for high voltage cables and splices

Arc and fire-proofing tapes are lead free, UV resistant, and flame resistant and, therefore, provide an excellent solution for all types of cables and cable splices in manholes, cable trays, switch boxes, vaults, and substations, as well as for fire protection of cable conduits. We offer superior cold-shrink solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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