Market Characteristics: Splice-sealing solutions

Splice sealing solutions for automotive: Heat-shrink applications

The interior of a vehicle has a lot of hidden splices, most of which are found in the on-board systems. Splice protection is needed for all applications that use cables, wire harnesses or bus bars, including mirrors, lighting, sensors and auxiliary power systems.

Proper splice protection is crucial to any application where wires or cables are spliced. Splice heat-shrink products are a common choice for sealing since they seal effectively, insulate well, and protect from damage while thoroughly connecting the splice.

Splices come in various shapes and forms, such as in-line splices, end splices and y-splices. The types of splices and their applications determine which sealing solutions and properties are required. Longitudinal water sealing is a common request for splice-sealing solutions.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products splice-sealing solutions

DSG-Canusa offers a complete portfolio of splice heat-shrink products that work together to keep fluids out and extend the life of the protected splices. We provide OEM-approved splice heat-shrink solutions for your toughest splice-sealing issues. From battery and ground connections to copper or aluminum conductors, we have products that solve your sealing problems for good. We are pleased to offer complete engineering solutions and the required application equipment for every project.

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