Market Characteristics: Heat-shrink medium-voltage tubing for distribution of power in industrial settings

Heat-shrink products for medium voltage infrastructure

Plants that demand large amounts of power utilize medium voltage for distribution of power. Medium-voltage applications, with a voltage rating of 11/24/36 kV, are often found in the public grid and distribution networks, as well as in substations and data centers. They require protection to perform without error, often in harsh environments.

Many medium-voltage applications include cables in need of cable jacket repair or re-jacketing, with varying cable designs from PILC/PE/PVC. That means that solutions need to be flexible yet durable. Other applications require solutions that support anti-tracking.

Protecting against accidental phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground faults, caused by fauna and flora in outdoor applications like substations, overhead lines, and pole-down installations, is an additional challenge. Nuclear applications, among others, may need insulation of medium-voltage bus bars on switchgear equipment, transformers and generators in harsh environments.

Joints, transition joints, terminations and junction boxes are vulnerable points in many applications, requiring sealing and protection against environmental forces. Multicore cables benefit from mechanical protection and strain relief.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing

DSG-Canusa has built a line of products tailored for the medium-voltage applications market. We meet the most exacting design and industry performance standards by offering a comprehensive range of cable jointing products for power cables. Medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing provides reliable and durable protection and sealing, insulation, and identification in medium-voltage applications.

Our medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing will minimize outages and ensure long service life. Used on electrical distribution power cables, medium-voltage heat-shrink and cold-shrink splices are available to 35 kV, with single and three-conductor splices offered for the electric utility, industrial and oil and gas markets.

Sealing applications, such as those used on wire connections in electrical vehicles (EVs), are a particularly strong suit of our medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing, protecting cables, joints, transition joints, terminations, and junction boxes against multiple environmental factors. Creepage extensions protect medium-voltage terminations.

For easy installation, we offer kits that include all necessary products packaged together. Our medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing kits are not only easy to install but are factory-designed and independently tested to IEEE 404 standards. CJ series heat-shrink joints feature continuously extruded components for stress control, insulation, and insulation shield, thus ensuring consistent cable quality.

Additional benefits of our medium-voltage heat-shrink tubing are mechanical protection and strain relief for multicore cables; our tubing perfectly adapts to the shape of any application and fits tightly for long-lasting, durable protection.

Our products are customizable to the specific needs of each application; our custom engineering team can develop innovative solutions for your project. Please reach out to our expert team to find great solutions for any challenge.

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