Market characteristics of the aviation market for propulsion and power distribution

Airplane propulsion and power distribution turbine

Although the aviation industry stagnated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for helicopters and business jets for the transport of medical supplies, cargo charters and VIP transports has rebounded significantly. Many new air vehicles are being ordered around the globe, especially for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Cable harness connections in aircraft are exposed to extreme conditions, such as strong vibrations and high temperatures, which the connections must withstand. This is particularly true for the areas of aerospace propulsion and power distribution, the most crucial systems related to safety within the aircraft.

With the ever-increasing demand for lighter aircraft, manufacturers and suppliers of propulsion-system products are interested in correspondingly lightweight and compact components, increasing environmental sustainability and efficiency with those efforts.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for propulsion & power distribution

Cables, wires and wire bundles within the aircraft propulsion system need protection from extreme temperatures. Our DSG-Canusa heat-shrink tubing is made of robust materials that withstand high temperatures up to 260°C (500°F), to ensure passenger and personnel safety as well as aircraft reliability.

Our heat-shrink tubes for the aviation market can be used in various parts of the aircraft propulsion and power distribution systems. These include aircraft engines (including those using petroleum-based, synthetic blend, or hydrogen-based fuels or electric engines), propellers and turbines, combustion chambers, valve controls, junction box connections and others.

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