Market Characteristics: Heat shrink products for landing gear systems

Airplane landing gear systems protection

The aviation market has always placed particular emphasis on the safety of personnel and passengers. Landing gear is one of the most critical subsystems of an airplane. Its purpose is to reduce the landing impact for the aircraft and those on board, facilitating the braking and steering systems for control on the ground.

The demanding environment of flight control and landing gear systems present challenges such as extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, strong vibrations and contact with hydraulic oils and other fluids. Heat-shrink tubing, designed to protect and insulate brakes, sensors, thermistors and hydraulics, must withstand these demanding environments, fit into confined spaces, and meet regulatory and safety requirements. Conventional hydraulic and machine-driven systems are often replaced by newly developed electronics, resulting in new challenges and the need for robust protection solutions.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for landing gear systems

DSG-Canusa has been serving the aerospace market for many years; we have the necessary expertise on standards and qualifications as well as broad application knowledge.

We are certified as a manufacturer and supplier of heat shrinkable products, insulating caps and sealing systems by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) for EN 9100:2018. We provide heat-shrink tubing for your most demanding applications in aircraft landing gear systems. Our heat-shrink products for landing gear systems provide mechanical protection, impact and abrasion resistance, and resistance to diesel, hydraulic fluids, oils and other chemicals. For high-temperature applications, we provide heat-shrink tubes with operating temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F).

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