Renewable energy: Heat-shrink applications for solar panels

Market Characteristics: Solar energy

Solar energy is a green, fast-growing market around the world. The size of solar arrays can range from small rooftop systems to medium and large commercial solar panel farms. Even though wind may be a more efficient source of power generation, large-scale solar farms have been embraced by many communities. Solar farms provide a quiet option to generate power while wind turbines are often noisy, may be unpleasant to look at, and may not be appropriate for many sites.

Solar farms consist of a large number of solar panels, cables and transformers, along with a power line or substation to deliver the power to the electrical grid. Durable and reliable products are critical to ensure uninterrupted service over a long lifespan. All subsystems of a solar farm and its applications must be protected from environmental conditions such as sun, wind and precipitation.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for solar energy applications

DSG-Canusa’s heat-shrink products for solar energy simplify installation and protect the electrical systems. We provide cost effective, durable and reliable heat- and cold-shrink products. DSG-Canusa’s dedication to materials science results in solar energy products that are designed to withstand temperature variations, UV exposure, moisture and mechanical conditions for the long term.

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