Market characteristics: Fluid system protection

Vehicles have six different fluid systems: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Each of these systems are independent and each needs protection from damage, both outside and inside the fluid circuit. Fluid system protection is a requirement for many applications, including fluid handling. Hazardous liquids, as well as hydrogen or water, need to be kept inside the system, therefore it is critical to have high-quality materials and reliable fluid system protection.

Electrical components are particularly sensitive to fluids and require a watertight seal. The motors and pipes of heating and cooling systems, brakes, fuel and oil, and landscape and other outdoor lighting all need heat-shrink fluid system protection.

Fluid system protection for automotive: Terminal sealing
Fluid system protection for automotive: Heat-shrink products

High level abrasion and corrosion from the outside or inside and damage due to stone chippings, etc. provide additional challenges for fluid system protection. In other cases, parts of the application need to be fluid resistant and durable while also remaining visible, such as for label inspections. Tube shaping, through external parts like heat-shrink tubing that offers additional hose and pipe protection or noise and vibration reduction for convenience and safety reasons, are suitable for fluid system protection. Difficult geometries needing protection can be another challenge that requires the expertise and innovative design that DSG-Canusa provides.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa fluid system protection

DSG-Canusa is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of innovative products, providing the right heat-shrink tubing for every fluid system protection application. Our heat-shrink products assure the safe and secure operation of fluid systems while protecting from corrosion, abrasion, stone chippings and other harmful factors.

In addition to our fluid system protection products, we combine customizable solutions, materials of the highest quality and cutting-edge technology to provide options for every project.

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