Market Characteristics: Ground vehicles

Heat-shrink protection for military ground vehicles

Ground vehicles come in different shapes and serve various tasks: ground mobility vehicles, unmanned armored vehicles, special forces ground mobility vehicles and air force ground vehicles. They may serve a variety of functions, including security and safety, detection, logistics or broadcasting purposes, but they all have critical technology that needs insulation and protection from environmental factors, corrosive fluids, chemicals and mechanical forces. Ground vehicles may have lighting, CCTV, radar, smoke detectors, conveyor systems and power systems comprised of many wires, cables and other components that need to be reliable even under extreme circumstances and comply with strict standards. A system to identify the many wires and cables is essential for inspections and in case of emergency.

Benefits of DSG-Canusa products for ground vehicles

DSG-Canusa offers a variety of products for ground vehicles. We offer specialized heat-shrink products to protect, seal, and insulate the most critical applications of ground vehicles. In addition, we offer special identification sleeves that are highly customizable. DSG-Canusa offers numerous unique products for the automotive and defense markets and is familiar with the special requirements for ground vehicles. Our expert team of engineers can also design high-quality products specifically for your ground vehicles or similar applications. Our products comply with numerous standards, including VG 95343 norms, QPL SAE AS23053, DEF STAN 59-97 and BS G198.

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