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Heat-shrink and cold-shrink tubing products for industry and electrical use

DSG-Canusa has been developing and producing high-quality heat shrink tubing, cold-applied accessories and heat shrink equipment for over 50 years. Driven by our long-term commitment to the research and development of outstanding materials, products and technologies, our mission is to lead the industry in manufacturing superior heat and cold shrink products that meet CGA, UL and other industry approved certifications. We proudly manufacture in Europe, North America, and China to provide strong regional and global supply chain options for our customers.
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Heat and Cold Shrink Solutions

Our growing portfolio includes thin-, medium- and heavy wall tubing made of polyolefin, fluoropolymer and elastomer with or without adhesive. With these reliable materials and tried and tested products, we develop successful solutions to seal, mark and protect wire harnesses, cables, pipes and tubes.

Braided Sleeves

Durable protection for pipes, hoses, cables and wire harness assemblies against abrasion & heat.

Heat Shrink Machines

A variety of heat-shrink machines to apply our heat-shrink products to your applications.

Protection Caps

Electrical insulation, sealing, cathodic & corrosion protection against weather conditions, moisture and mold.

Dual Wall Tubing

Hermetic sealing, corrosion protection & enhancing mechanical properties of applications with double wall adhesive tubing.

High Temperature Products

Protection, sealing & identification in harsh operating environments with extreme temperatures.

Single Wall Tubing

Protection against damage and abrasion and insulation of electrical components with single wall tubing.

Electrical Products

Insulation, connection, protection and jacket repair of low- and medium-voltage applications.

Marker Sleeves

Long-lasting marker sleeves for identification & protection of cables for safe & easy maintenance.

Water Blocking Solutions

Protecting oil, gas & deep-sea-applications, wire harnesses and soil explorations against water ingress.

Electrical Connection Systems

Outstanding electrical wiring connections for low- and medium-voltage applications.

Market Specific Solutions

Our custom-made solutions are unique in the area of heat-shrink tubing & other connection systems.

Wildlife Mitigation Products

Preformed covers, insulation sheets, tapes and heat-shrink sleeves to protect assets from wildlife.

Halogen Free Heat-Shrink Tubing

Reliable insulation and protection for low smoke and non-toxicity fire safety applications.

Medium + Heavy Wall Tubing

Robust protection, insulation and sealing for electrical connections in harsh operating environments.

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