DERAY®-Mini Shrink Device 2.0

The DERAY®-Mini Shrink Device 2.0 is a lean heatshrink system with infrared heating elements designed to process heat-shrink tubes onto ultrasonically welded- and crimped splice joints.

Features and Benefits

  • Three robust and durable IR ceramic heating elements covering 270° circumference
  • Extreme light weight and compact design
  • Safe and easy use via Touch Panel
  • Calibration period monitoring to ensure process safety
  • Acoustic signal for process end and alarm to avoid shrink time exceeding
  • Automatic switch-off if the product is not removed to ensure handler safety
  • Process launch indication by capacitive sensor
  • Ideal heat distribution through special shrink chamber
  • Up to 100 data sets storable
  • Cost efficient device due to lean feature scope
  • Upload of parameters via USB or manually via touch panel
  • Compressed air not required
  • Adjustable parameters: Shrink time, temperature control
  • Password protected programming mode
  • Selection of system language: English, German, Mandarin (others on demand)
  • Optional wire coil holder on the side of the machine for easier handling
  • CE and RoHs conformity


Parallel splices, endsplices


The DERAY®-Mini Shrink Device 2.0 has a closed chamber to ensure operator safety and a visible shrink chamber to monitor the application during the shrink process. After introducing the application into the shrink chamber and placing the wires on the capacitive sensors, the set cycle time is shown on the programmable touch panel and the shrink process starts. Once the process is finished an acoustic signal is indicating to remove the application. If the application is not removed, an alarm will start indicating the timeout.

Order Information

  • DERAY®-Mini Shrink Device 2.0

Heat-shrink Products & Sizes

  • DSG-Canusa heat-shrink products:
    • DERAY®-SpliceMelt: Sizes 1 to 3, length max. 65 mm
    • HFTX: Sizes 1 to 3, length max. 65 mm
    • CHPA: Sizes 1 to 3, length max. 65 mm
    • DERAY®-UMS Sizes 1 to 3, length max. 65 mm
  • For other products and sizes contact DSG-Canusa Application Engineering.

Scope of Delivery

  • Shrink equipment
  • Operating manual: English, German (others on demand)


  • Calibration sensor
  • Wire coil holder

Technical data

Electrical connection1/N/PE AC 230 V 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumption0.8 kW
Rated current4 A
Electrical fuse protection at the owner16 A
Degree of protectionIP 20
Shrink temperature at the IR heater530°C (986°F)
Shrink time6 – 99 sec. depending on wire cross section
Ambient temperature10 °C – 45 °C (50 °F – 113 °F)
Sound pressure levelapprox. 50 dB(A)
Dimensions and weight
Shrink equipmentw 330 x h 330 x d 310 mm (w 13 x h 13 x d 12 in) 10 kg (22 lbs)