Medium Voltage Terminations

Medium voltage terminations make use of heat shrink technology to provide a solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Suitable for both single and three core cable they combine different grades of heat shrink tubing and mastics to completely restore the integrity of the cable after the cable has been terminated. The control of the electrical field being essential for the safe operation of medium voltage devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for 1 and 3 core cable
  • Range includes kits for XLPE, PE, PVC and PILC cables for a wide range of conductor cross sections
  • Kits are available for both armoured and unarmoured cable
  • Indoor & outdoor applications
  • Excellent stress control properties
  • Excellent moisture sealing
  • Exceptional insulation characteristics
  • Very high tracking resistance, good long term weather performance
  • Easy to install, even at low temperatures
  • Simple cable preparation – no sanding, no grease


  • HD 629.1 S2
  • IEC 60502-4
  • IEC 60055-1

Typical Applications

Single core and three-core medium voltage heat shrinkable terminations for XLPE, PE, PVC, PILC power cable rated up to 24kV


  • Industrial Construction/Automation
  • Mining
  • Transit
  • Utility
  • Power Distribution

Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Terminations

1. Non-tracking, heat shrinkable outer insulation tubing
– Provides excellent UV stability; Withstands polluted environments; Is proven to withstand severe applications
2. Non-tracking, high voltage sealant
– Provides watertight seal over cable lugs
3. Additional heat shrinkable creepage extenders for outdoor applications
– Increase surface creepage distance; Easy to adapt indoor terminations to outdoor conditions
4. Heat shrinkable stress control tubing
– Reduces electrical stress gradient at the end of the cable shield to safe operating levels
5. Stress relief material
– Minimizes stress at the shield cutback; Acts as a moisture seal
6. Ground clamp
– Has a constant force roll spring, which provides secure grounding without soldering
7. Shielding and solderless grounding with ground braid
– Provides shield continuity


Please contact your Customer Service Representative for information on available solutions selected by voltage class, crosssection, application, cable type and required hardware.